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Why Is Pairing Champagne And Chocolate A Challenge?

Fine champagne and luxury chocolates are a classic gift combination, yet to find champagne and chocolates that complement each other is actually quite a challenge.

In my experience, the champagne can often overpower the more subtle chocolate tasting notes and the sweetness of chocolate can make champagne appear overly acidic.

My own preference is to match gourmet chocolates with an aged champagne with natural tasting notes such as biscuit and nuts. A creamy mouth feel, also achieved through the ageing process, further complements the smooth creamy texture of fine chocolate. Ultimately, I recommend that champagne is best enjoyed as an aperitif, with chocolates or champagne truffles enjoyed once the champagne glass (or bottle) is empty.

Our house champagne is specially selected because it complements our chocolates perfectly.  View our gift hampers here or call us on 0121 314 3472 to enquire about a bespoke hamper gift.