Chocolate & Health

Why Eating Chocolate Mindfully Helps Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

I have talked before about enjoying chocolate as part of a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that by being more mindful when eating, and using all five senses, you can derive even greater health benefits from good quality chocolate?  Find out why below.

Mindful eating

I’m no expert in the study of mindfulness but, in my experience, food is more enjoyable when eaten mindfully. When using all five senses you savour the colour, aroma, texture, taste and sound of chocolate whilst eating and are more likely to be modest in your portion control. Chocolate melts at body temperature, so by letting it melt on your tongue first you’ll get an explosion of flavour and really notice what you are eating and how it makes you feel. It follows, then, that being mindful when consuming your favourite foods may prevent overeating and help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Isn’t all chocolate the same?

Whilst all chocolate is derived from cocoa beans, it is the “couverture” on high-quality chocolate that offers the most benefit, as it is made with a high content of cocoa mass and cocoa butter – never vegetable fat. Since there is less sugar added, you can taste more of the natural chocolate notes, even detecting the subtle differences in flavour influenced by the terrain and climate where the cocoa beans were grown.

Health benefits

Not only is cocoa rich in flavanols, which are known to lower blood pressure and increase circulation, but cocoa butter can improve health in multiple ways, not least supporting the immune system and preventing wrinkles!

Everything in moderation

I grew up in France, where I was taught to enjoy pleasurable foods in moderation.  This philosophy is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that a healthy diet starts with good quality ingredients and that you shouldn’t have to give up the foods you enjoy to stay in good health. It is all about making wise choices and enjoying foods in moderation. Food is one of life’s great pleasures so there is no sense denying yourself those foods you love when you can still enjoy them and be healthy.

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