Valentine's Day

The Romance of Valentine’s Chocolates

Heart 24 assortment

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without sharing chocolate with a loved one. Chocolate has long been associated with romance, but why?

Early Aztec civilisations were the first to link chocolate and romance.  The Aztecs considered chocolate to be a valuable gift from the gods and a powerful aphrodisiac. Fast-forward to chocolate’s introduction to Europe in the 16th century, since when it’s become the everyday luxury we know today.

In fact, Valentine’s Day chocolates are enjoyed across the globe!  From Latin America, where chocolate is exchanged to celebrate “Día del Amor y la Amistad” – the Day of Love and Friendship, to Japan, where chocolate is the only acceptable Valentine’s Day gift, love-struck romantics everywhere express their love with this fine delicacy.

It’s not just the array of sensual flavours that give chocolate its romantic reputation.  Chocolate releases endorphins which improve the mood, making it the go-to gift to bring happiness to someone you love, especially on Valentine’s Day.  So go on – make their day with a beautiful  selection of their favourite chocolates – the ultimate gift of love!

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