Chocolate & Health

Should you give up the foods you enjoy for a healthy lifestyle?

Broken chocolate bar and pieces of dark chocolate

Every day a new study tells us what we should or shouldn’t eat, so how do we know which diet to follow for a healthy lifestyle?  Here are the simple guidelines I like to follow.



Quality Ingredients!

I strongly believe that a healthy diet starts with quality ingredients, as these best retain their essential nutrients.  I am always excited to discover artisan producers as they tend to follow the principle of quality over quantity.  Just as homemade bread has a flavour and texture a world apart from its pre-packed counterparts, most artisan foods – from mountain goats cheese and wild honey to grass reared beef and hand pressed olive oil – deliver a taste experience that cannot be replicated by any mass producer.

Everything In Moderation!

Like many who grew up in France, I believe that most foods can be enjoyed in moderation.  Besides, if I completely deny myself the foods I enjoy I only crave them more.  Food is one of life’s great pleasures so why feel guilty about enjoying it?  Whether you have a sweet tooth or can’t function without caffeine, try to vary your diet with plenty of foods from natural sources and you won’t go far wrong.

Keep Special Occasions Special!

In medieval times, peasants feasted rarely and so luxuriated in an abundance of food when they had a celebratory reason to do so.  In contrast the wealthier nobles and royalty over-ate frequently.  Nowadays, we too find ourselves faced with an abundance of food – not all of it good quality – and over-eating and obesity are commonplace.  If we could learn to limit our feasting to special occasions we’d find that our food tastes better.  I like to put a lot of thought and planning into the food I prepare for celebrations as, for me, enjoying fine food is the highlight of any special occasion and planning the menu is equally enjoyable!

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