Chocolate & Health

Quality Chocolate – A Natural Sunscreen

High quality dark chocolate improves your mood, tastes wonderful and promotes a healthy heart.  But did you know it can also help protect your skin from sun damage? 


Research by the University of Witten-Herdecke in Germany has shown that eating 20g of high quality dark chocolate every day for 12 weeks can provide added protection from the sun damage caused by UVB rays.  Flavanols, one of the magical nutrients found in chocolate, can reduce the risk of sunburn as well as boost blood circulation to the skin and increase the skin’s thickness.  And flavanols are not the only reason to eat gourmet chocolate for healthier skin: cocoa butter is a natural moisturiser and can even help reduce wrinkles!

So whether you’re keeping your fingers crossed for a holiday abroad or making the most of the Great British summer, remember to pack some quality dark chocolate for well protected, healthy and youthful looking skin.  Happy holidays!