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Planning Your Christmas Promotional Gifts

The festive season may seem some way off but it’s worth planning your company Christmas gifts now.

Your attention may currently be prioritised towards maintaining efficiency and output, but failing to plan for the future events is a notable business failure and one that can be easily avoided with a little forward thinking.


Organisations need to plan further ahead than individual consumers at Christmas due to the volumes of gifts required.  Leaving the process until it is too late may result in sending a less than perfect gift which could do long-lasting damage to the working relationship.

The principal reasons for sending promotional gifts at Christmas are to reinforce connections and build loyalty, so the ideal gift is something you need to strive for at all costs.  It’s a small price to pay, surrendering a few hours now to do your homework, knowing that when December arrives you’ll have everything in in place to thank, reward and nurture your business contacts.

So why plan now for your Christmas promotional gifts?

  • Planning ahead will save time in the long run and avoid a last-minute rush to source suitable gifts for your clients, suppliers and staff.
  • Your team will have more opportunity to review the options available for their branded Christmas gifts.
  • Advance preparation will demonstrate to recipients that you have carefully considered their gift choice.
  • Gift suppliers have more stock available to set aside, ready for fulfilment in December.

At Chouchoute we do everything we can to help you deliver the perfect luxury chocolate gifts for your recipients.  Allowing time for us to send you samples and consider branding options will ensure your gifts stand out from the crowd.   

If you’re considering chocolates as business gifts this Christmas, talk to us today about creating the perfect boxes for your loyal clients and hard-working staff – even if they’re working from home!  Request a quote or ring us on 0121 314 3472.