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How To Have The Perfect Christmas In Your Office

Too busy at work to celebrate Christmas? With some planning and preparation the gifts, parties and increased workload that Christmas brings will all be under control…

Get Your Party Shoes On

You may prefer the idea of curling up on the couch with a hot chocolate than socialising with the colleagues you see day in day out. If so, the Christmas party may not appeal. But office parties are a great opportunity to network,  forge relationships with your co-workers and let your hair down! And if you’re the party organiser you can bask in the gratitude of the guests too!

It’s The Thought That Counts

A great way to break down barriers with your co-workers at Christmas time is to get involved with the office Secret Santa. Though unusual Christmas gifts can be fun, others may not share your sense of humour, so play it safe with prosecco or a box of luxury chocolates. Classic gifts are less likely to backfire, (especially if you’re buying for your boss!)

Get On Santa’s Good List

If you want to promote Christmas spirit (of the non-alcoholic kind) rally your co-workers to raise money for a good cause. Give people an hour to decorate their desks, with a prize for the most festive, hold a mince pie bake-off challenge or keep your fundraising traditional with some Christmas carols. When you choose your charity, consider local causes to really make a difference to your community and get that warm fuzzy feeling!

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