Chouchoute ['shoo-shoot'] French : to pamper, to treat, to indulge

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Valentine's Day Around The World

Since the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day has been a day to celebrate love. It began to spread from England across the rest of Europe in the 19th Century. Of course these days we live in a global economy, and traditions, as well as those special purchases, have spread even further and wider. Valentine’s Day is now a universal commercial phenomenon. We can all relate to it being a time of increased sales in chocolate, flowers and cards, but what else is there to know about the purchasing choices of people in love on February 14th?

Here are some of the more interesting examples of things we spend our money on across the globe.

Valentine's Day gifts

In France, whilst the majority of women would like a ring as a present, the traditionally romantic male is more likely to buy flowers. Flower sales in France increase by 52% just before the big day.

In Spain the men have taken a different approach. Spanish men are most likely to buy surprise lingerie for their loved ones, which is usually purchased online. Sales in this area are up 20% in February.

Denmark shies away from purchased gifts and instead focuses on homemade ones such as the endearing gaekkebrev, a handwritten love note, or a bouquet of hand-picked snowdrops.

In the US, as we would expect, traditions are similar to our own, but perhaps on a grander scale. Cards, flowers, chocolate and novelty gifts are still the most popular purchases, with more expensive declarations of love, such as romantic breaks and jewellery, taking a downward turn in recent years.

South Korea is all about chocolate! What makes it different is that there are separate days for men and women to buy their chocolate. On Valentine's Day however, it's the women's turn.

Japan, like South Korea, is all about chocolate too. But on Valentine's Day it is chocolate aimed at male co- workers, not loved ones. Giri-choko - they even call it obligation chocolate - has to be heart shaped. The favour is returned in March when female office workers get to benefit.


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