Chouchoute ['shoo-shoot'] French : to pamper, to treat, to indulge

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Why Is French Montelimar Nougat So Special?

Montelimar NougatEver since we first introduced handmade Montelimar nougat into our retail store 12 years ago, customers have been asking how it differs from the familiar varieties they grew up with.

Nougat to the British palate is a pink and white chewy sweet, commonly enjoyed at fairgrounds or the seaside. In contrast, French nougat is worlds apart from this sweet confection. Since the 18th century, nougat has been a gourmet delicacy in France, with tourists travelling to Montelimar just for a taste of the region’s speciality. In the time-honoured tradition, Montelimar almonds and locally sourced honey are combined with egg whites by hand, in artisan ateliers, to create a light delicacy that melts in the mouth.

Montelimar nougat recipes are considered sacred, and passed down through family generations. Some recipes include pistachios, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts or walnuts whereas other varieties are embellished with finely sliced fruits glacés. One thing is certain: nougat from Montelimar is probably the finest in the world, and definitely worth re-visiting if your last recollection of it is at the seaside!

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