Chouchoute ['shoo-shoot'] French : to pamper, to treat, to indulge
How to have a Cracking Easter!

Easter is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy gastronomic delights but I’ve always believed that it’s important to keep special occasions special.

We all look forward to taking a well-deserved break and sampling seasonal spring delicacies, fine wines and of course high quality chocolate at Easter.  But it wasn’t always this way. 

Our medieval ancestors (of the peasant variety) feasted rarely, as there wasn’t the abundance of food we enjoy today.  So when fortune smiled and a crop or harvest was successful, a rare opportunity for a celebration presented itself.  These days, obesity is all too common, as we are constantly faced with opportunities to over-indulge at the table.  Does it make you wonder whether our food might taste better if we only feasted on special occasions?  Perhaps this is the true origin of ‘less is more’! 

It’s this philosophy that guides our choice to create a limited selection of luxury Easter eggs and special chocolate novelties.  They’re sold on a first come, first served basis and available exclusively from our Birmingham city centre boutique store because they’re too delicate to send by post.

We’re open on Good Friday and Easter Saturday for your last-minute gift shopping - but remember, our Easter range is exclusive and available in limited numbers so don’t miss out!

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