Chouchoute ['shoo-shoot'] French : to pamper, to treat, to indulge

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Why Is Chocolate Popular At Easter?

For many of us the best part of Easter is chocolate!  So why is chocolate so popular at this time of year?

It was the Pagans who first incorporated eggs into their springtime celebrations, to symbolise new life.  Christians followed, using hollow eggs to represent Christ’s tomb and it was the Victorians who had the idea to include chocolates inside the eggs exchanged as gifts.  Eggs made entirely from chocolate soon followed and thank goodness they did!

I love to watch children’s eyes light up when they step into our store and see rows of chocolate eggs tied with brightly coloured ribbon. For children, our happy, luxury chocolate bunnies, chocolate chicks in eggs and colourful, hand-painted chocolate fish never fail to delight!  For sharing (or perhaps just for one!), I recommend our spectacular 1kg luxury milk chocolate egg, filled with luxury chocolates, mini eggs and French specialities.  Opening a chocolate egg to discover the chocolate treats inside is a pleasure which can never be outgrown! 

Our Easter eggs and novelties are too delicate to send by post but we offer a local delivery service in and around the Birmingham area.  


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