Chouchoute ['shoo-shoot'] French : to pamper, to treat, to indulge

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About Us

Pierre SoualahChouchoute Chocolaterie opened its shop in Birmingham city centre in 2002. French for pampered, Chouchoute has earned a reputation for its refined style and the vision of owner Pierre Soualah. Trained as a traiteur at Fauchon in Paris and Selfridges in London, Pierre has turned his life-long passion for gastronomy into a gourmet taste experience.

Together with our artisan chocolatier, Pierre has crafted a unique and exclusive assortment of intensely-flavoured chocolates, handmade in a timeless fashion. Pierre explains more below.

"When we eat chocolates we should experience a perfect balance between all the ingredients: the centre, the blended ingredients and the chocolate coating (known as couverture). All should enhance and complement one another. Their flavour should be like a happy, gastronomic marriage: light, delicate and subtle.

Palet MentheOur handmade ganaches and pralines are the ‘canvas’ for our chocolates. We then delicately blend and infuse other ingredients such as coffee, cassis or black pepper, each of which brings their own aroma, flavour and texture to further enhance the depth of our chocolates. Finally, with superior cocoa beans and noble ingredients such as cocoa butter and pure vanilla pod, we create a fine couverture for each chocolate. The result is a chocolate with depth - a powerful taste with high, aromatic quality.

Pure, indulgent pleasure, we then arrange each selection in beautifully presented luxury gift boxes or hand-wrapped ballotins. Guaranteed to delight anyone who receives them, our handmade French chocolates are ideal as personal gifts or luxury corporate gifts.

I hope my chocolate brings you as much pleasure as they brought us in creating them."

Pierre Soualah

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