Chocolate & Confiserie

Luxury Venezuelan Hot Chocolate In Winter

Now that the evenings are drawing in I find myself craving a warm cup of hot chocolate.  For me, there is only one method to make a truly luxurious hot chocolate drink, worthy of the quality chocolate used to make it.

Venezuelan cocoa pastilles are the essential element in my hot chocolate. Intensely flavoured hot chocolate, made from high quality cocoa, brings to mind the ancient recipes used when civilisations first discovered the joys of drinking chocolate.  But we’ve come a long way since those early recipes, which blended hot water with finely ground cocoa beans. Now, just a handful of chocolate pastilles, melted in a splash of hot water, then combined with hot milk are all the ingredients required to create a smooth and comforting hot drink. For added luxury use full fat milk, or even top with cream!

Traditional hot chocolate is also a great way to introduce children to quality chocolate. You can even add extra sweetness to appeal to the younger palate, with a spoonful of natural honey, or by floating marshmallows on top!

Enjoy the finest hot chocolate using our Hot Chocolate Pastilles. They’re suitable as a baking ingredient too!