Personalised Chocolates For Business & Events

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts? We Can Help!

Left your staff or client Christmas gifts a bit late this year?  

Despite all good intentions to get the ball rolling early, business priorities have the ultimate say in what gets done first.  If this sounds familiar, take heart – you’re not alone.  But even if you need a superfast turnaround time we can help!  Our fabulous selection of luxury chocolate boxes and wine and chocolate gift hampers means we’re never short of client and staff Christmas gift ideas.

You may be in a panic but try to avoid gimmicks such as chocolate snowballs and advent calendars. They may be suitable for children but they lack the sophistication a business gift needs, especially if you want it to emphasise the value of your brand.

And although we all like an unexpected gift, we love a quality gift even more.  Unlike a tin of mass-produced sweets that can be found in every UK supermarket, a small, well-chosen luxury chocolate gift can help your brand stand out from the crowd.  And when it comes to superfast turnaround, we’ve got that covered too.  Just send us your logo and greeting and we’ll do the rest.  If you have Christmas cards, we can even include them with your gifts at no extra cost, and despatch direct to your customers or employees at home, saving you time and hassle!

Chocolate emergency?   Call our Sales Office on 0121 314 3472 to find out more about our last minute branded chocolate gifts and hampers or request a quote (but don’t leave it TOO late!)