How To Select Your Christmas Chocolates

The grand finale of the Christmas table is a selection of chocolates, served with after dinner coffee or liqueurs.  My favourite chocolates to embody the flavours and spirit of Christmas?  

My preference for a well-balanced Christmas chocolates assortment is a combination of sweet and savoury chocolate infusions.  Assam tea, bergamot, salt and even black pepper are some of the savoury flavours that are spectacular when blended with fine quality chocolate.  Fruits, blended with smooth ganache, provide the balance of sweetness, and classic Christmas flavours, such as orange and ginger work particularly well.  Whole pieces of orange and ginger coated in chocolate also bring a wonderful variation in texture to the assortment.

A Christmas chocolates selection wouldn’t be complete without nuts.  Marzipans and pralines, made with ground almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts, can be enjoyed by the whole family.  And if after dinner mints are a family favourite, dark ganache chocolates blended with fresh mint leaf are a sophisticated alternative to everyday mint chocolate varieties.

Above all, when choosing your Christmas chocolates, if you treat your family (and yourself!) to the finest quality luxury chocolates, no matter your flavour selections, you won’t go far wrong!

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