Personalised Chocolates For Business & Events

How Event Sponsorship Can Put Your Brand In The Spotlight

Branded Luxury Chocolate Boxes On Dinner TableSponsoring an event is generally considered a powerful element of any marketing strategy.  Event sponsorship takes many forms, from hosting a dinner to providing branded literature and taster products to be present on tables.  Whatever level of involvement you choose there are many rewards to be reaped from putting your business in the spotlight.

Branded chocolates make an ideal addition to the event dinner table, delivering a subtle and yet potentially powerful way of putting your brand into the conversation.  When providing other branded goods or literature you can’t be certain that each guest will notice your brand, let alone interact with it, yet with a small but elegant box of luxury chocolates next to each place setting, your brand has the opportunity to take centre stage.

There are many different types of events for which sponsorship is required – from charity dinners and sporting award ceremonies to industry Christmas events and new product launches.

If you are considering sponsoring an event here are a few questions you need to ask yourself first:

1) What is the target market for the event?

Will you be reaching people who will be interested in your brand and concept?

2) Will you get direct access to your audience?

If not, does this matter?

3) Are there any other sponsors?

If so are they competitors who may dilute or even obliterate your message?

4) How will sponsoring the event enhance your credibility? 

Will it increase your brand reach or align your brand with other high end, desirable names?

By considering these initial factors before committing to sponsorship you can make sure the event you choose is going to be the right arena to promote your brand, and that the investment will be worth it.  Rather than thinking purely in terms of new sales leads, sponsoring an event can yield many benefits for your business, including:

Putting your business in the spotlight

Generating new leads and contacts from people who may be interested in your products who you can also remarket to in the future

Increased brand recognition and familiarity

Aligning your brand with something of high quality – By offering a personalised gift of luxury chocolates, guests will associate your brand with the enjoyment they experience when eating them

Reaching a diverse audience of people from different locations and backgrounds in one place – This could prove to be a very expensive venture if attempted through other marketing channels

Potential for media exposure

Increased community involvement and the sense of ‘giving something back’

Whether your main motivation is to source new leads or fulfil the criteria in your CSR programme, the opportunities sponsorship delivers are wide ranging and can accommodate many different budgets depending on the size and nature of event you decide to sponsor.

If your business wants to get the most from event sponsorship there are a few tips to remember.  Firstly, maximise your opportunities for data capture.  It’s all well and good to put your name out there, but by finding out who amongst your audience is genuinely interested in your brand you can capture vital contact data that will lead to future email marketing opportunities.  Secondly, don’t forget to promote your business as an event sponsor.  This is a great opportunity to generate your own media coverage via your company social media and content channels so don’t pass up on the chance to let your audience know what you are up to.  It may help to reinforce their perception of your brand.

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