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Five Reasons Your Employees Are Unhappy & How to Fix It

It’s long been understood that employee satisfaction is important.  An unhappy workforce leads to de-motivation and high staff turnover, both of which are costly to business.  So how do you ensure your staff are a happy bunch?

First you need to understand what could be making your employees dissatisfied.  Here are five of the most common reasons:

Lack of recognition – some need it more than others but a healthy organisation recognises that people are its greatest asset.  We all feel better after a thank you and it’s rewarding in itself to appreciate others for going the extra mile.  Plus, they will probably work even harder once you do!

No training opportunities – most of us welcome the chance to improve our skills, so not offering any development opportunities could be making your staff miserable.  Remember, training doesn’t have to mean expensive courses.  Employees can benefit from job shadowing, joining a project team or even a mentoring program, and your business will benefit in the long run too.

Is anyone listening? – one of the biggest frustrations for employees is that no one in management listens to them.  Open your ears and you might be able to use this input to create a better workplace for everyone; after all you have to work in it too!  An anonymous suggestion box can work wonders in getting staff to come forward with ideas that could make everyone in the team happier.

No clear company vision – if your company has no clear direction, chances are your staff will be in the same position.  A mission statement or regular communication of the company’s values and goals will keep your employees focussed on the job in hand and help drive the business forward.

Unresolved conflict – like it or not, conflict in the workplace happens and ignoring it can demoralise team spirit.  So step up to the plate and tackle sticky subjects head-on, so that everyone can move forward, quickly and effectively.

Remember keeping your employees happy drives customer engagement too.  If you deliver on your promises to your staff they, in turn, will deliver on your company promises to customers – truly a win/win situation!

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