Do your chocolate boxes include a fixed selection?
The exact selection you receive will vary by season and stock availability at the time of packing. We hand-pack to order too, so our boxes are rarely identical in content. Product images on our site are shown as a guide only.

Can I request a special chocolates selection?
If you have any particular favourites you’d like us to include with your order, add the details in the order comments section on the checkout page, or drop us an email after placing your order.

Can I add a gift card message and giftwrap?
You can add a gift card message at the checkout. If giftwrap is an option, it will be shown on the product page.


What is a ganache?
A ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream, sometimes flavoured with alcohol or other infusions.

What is a praline?
A praline is a blend of roasted and caramelised almonds and/or hazelnuts, finely or coarsely ground.

What is a truffle?
A truffle, sometimes flavoured with alcohol, is similar to a ganache, but slightly softer in texture.


How do I store your chocolates?
We recommend that you store our chocolates at a temperature between 15° and 20°.

Is there an ideal temperature to enjoy your chocolates?
Our chocolates are best enjoyed at a temperature between 18° and 20°. We do not recommend you store them in a fridge; however, during hot spells this may be unavoidable, in which case we suggest you bring them back up to room temperature before eating them.

How far in advance can I buy your chocolates and how long will they last?
Our chocolate selections carry a minimum 8-week shelf life, indicated by a ‘best before’ date underneath each box. Because our chocolates are free from preservatives, for your enjoyment we recommend that they are eaten by the date specified, and ideally within five days of opening.