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Does Snobbery Play a Part When We Select Corporate Gifts?

It’s fair to say that chocolate is a simple pleasure that most of us enjoy, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular gift choice. However, contrary to what you may think, it’s not the High Street chocolate brands that are growing in stature; rather the premium, luxury chocolate niche of the market.

Our attitudes to chocolate – and in particular gourmet dark chocolate – are changing.  So does this mean chocolate snobbery is on the increase?

In short, yes!  As we become more discerning about the chocolate we eat, it follows that we may wish to distance ourselves from the high street brands, and be seen instead to favour more sophisticated alternatives.

So what does your choice of corporate gift say about your business?

With its numerous health benefits – from increased brain function, cardio-vascular efficiency and metabolism to improved eyesight, anti-oxidant properties and protection from the sun – premium quality chocolate is now regarded as a regular treat we can all enjoy in moderation.  So by choosing gourmet chocolates as corporate gifts, you position your company’s brand as forward-thinking and up to date with consumer trends.  And if your clients or employees receive branded chocolate gifts they perceive as elite, your brand will enjoy much greater prominence and loyalty as a result.   All of this is good news for your brand, as luxury chocolate gifts show clients that you value their custom, and employees that you value their work, and recognise their contribution to your business.

Have practical corporate gifts had their day?

There’s no doubt that promotional calendars, pens and umbrellas have their uses.  But there’s increasing evidence to suggest that it’s experiences that we value above utility; in other words, we like to receive gifts that simply make us feel good.  So for most of us, a luxury chocolate gift hits the spot perfectly!

Ready to raise the bar of your business gifts?

Chouchoute has created an impressive selection of handcrafted luxury chocolates, presented in a wide range of gift boxes, branded to suit your company’s needs.

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