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Chocolate News You Can Get Your Teeth Into

New research has found evidence that eating chocolate can help us achieve the beautiful smile we all crave!   Studies carried out in the UK, USA and Japan have concluded that high quality, dark chocolate can be effective at fighting tooth decay when eaten in moderation.  But how?

It appears that CBH, a compound found in cocoa, can help toughen tooth enamel and prevent cavities, making it more effective at protecting our teeth than fluoride.

Researchers are predicting that the CBH compound will be widely used in oral health products in the coming years but until then, we can all benefit from the protective qualities of cocoa by eating a small amount of quality dark chocolate each day, as chocolate has other benefits for our teeth too.  It contains polyphenol enzymes which help prevent acid damage and anti-oxidants and flavonoids that can slow down tooth decay.

So whilst it may seem too good to be true, getting your teeth into high cocoa content dark chocolate can actually improve your oral health.  Just remember to brush for at least two minutes a day!

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