Chocolate & Health

Chocolate can boost your brain power!

We know that good quality chocolate’s good for the heart and blood circulation but studies show that enjoying fine quality dark chocolate can also make us smarter!

A number of research projects in recent years have identified a link between quality chocolate and improved brain function.   A 2016 study by the University of South Australia found that quality chocolate improved concentration, memory, reasoning and information processing. Tracking 1000 people over 30 years, the study concluded that eating dark chocolate on a weekly basis could help to enhance brain function at any age.  Why? Because chocolate made with quality cocoa beans contains flavanols, known to improve bloodflow to the brain.

There’s evidence of this in a 2020 study conducted by (our very local) University of Birmingham too, which found that research participants given a cocoa drink containing high levels of flavanols were able to complete certain cognitive tasks more efficiently than when drinking a non-flavanol enriched-drink.

All of this is great news for an ageing population, concerned about age-related cognitive decline, such as dementia.

In addition to those fabulous flavanols, fine dark chocolate is packed with essential minerals including zinc, potassium and selenium. It contains iron too, which is a great boost for women – as if we needed an excuse!

So is this new news?

In short, no!  The sixth century Mayan civilisation is known to have worshipped the cocoa bean for its health benefits, ranging from protection from heart disease to aiding weight loss.

Go easy though; a small, daily serving of chocolate offers great health benefits without risk of piling on the pounds.  So enjoy it – guilt-free – in moderation!

At Chouchoute our handcrafted, artisan chocolates are made with the highest quality cocoa beans and ingredients, for intense, fresh and delicate chocolate flavours which tantalise the palate.  The good news is they may even make you smarter!