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Can Eating Chocolate Be Good For Your Business?


We know that good quality chocolate’s good for the heart and blood circulation but studies have revealed that enjoying fine quality dark chocolate can also make us smarter.  Great news if you want to get the best out of your employees!

Eating dark chocolate with a high cocoa content can improve concentration, memory, reasoning and information processing.  Why? Because chocolate made with quality cocoa beans contains flavanols, known to improve bloodflow to the brain.  This helps to boost memory, improve our attention span, and sharpen our problem solving skills, all of which are essential in today’s fast-paced business environment.

So can ALL chocolate make you smarter?

Well yes … and no.

Dark chocolate is the best choice as it contains a much higher concentration of cocoa than milk and white chocolate, but remember that high quality milk chocolate also contains more cocoa than everyday, mass-produced chocolate, so you can derive benefits from assorted chocolate selections too.

The key is simply to choose the best quality chocolate you can afford.

Not forgetting the feel-good factor

Quality chocolate doesn’t only enhance brain performance; it can also boost the production of endorphins – also known as ‘feel-good’ chemicals – because they can make us feel happier, reduce pain and relieve stress.  A happy worker is a more motivated worker!

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