Chocolate & Health

Can Chocolate Really Improve Your Health?

A number of recent studies support the view that quality chocolate can improve your health, yet many people remain sceptical. So just how strong is the scientific evidence?

Simply put, rigorous studies have consistently concluded that high quality chocolate can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet when eaten in moderation, and as part of a balanced and varied diet.  By including high quality dark chocolate (with minimum 70% cocoa solids) in your diet you can improve both your mental and physical health.  Here’s why:

  • Dark chocolate is rich in iron, which helps to lower the risk of heart disease and heart-related problems
  • Chocolate is full of essential minerals such as zinc and potassium
  • Flavanol-rich chocolate can improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health and has been linked to lowering the risks of strokes and cancer
  • Chocolate has been found to boost brainpower and reduce the risk of dementia and age-related cognitive decline
  • A chemical compound in cocoa has been shown to reduce symptoms of both acute and chronic coughs, keeping winter sickness to a minimum
  • Eating dark chocolate little and often can even aid weight loss

So whether you enjoy eating  chocolate as part of your own healthy diet, are looking for the perfect gift or want to promote a healthy and motivated workplace, quality chocolate really can provide the feel good factor you crave without the guilt typically associated with our favourite foods.

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