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7 Ways to Celebrate a Company Anniversary

Your corporate anniversary affords a brilliant opportunity to see how far you’ve come and celebrate what you’ve achieved. But as well as marking an important milestone, it can also help you improve connections within your network, reach out to new audiences and share your story.

It’s definitely an occasion worth shouting about, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to make the celebrations memorable. With consistency and forward planning, you can use these seven ideas to make your company anniversary that extra special:

Host an event – invite your loyal customers, partners and other local businesses to an inspiring event, themed with your products and materials for an interactive and memorable experience. Think competitions and goody bags to obtain customer information and drive new leads!

Spread the word the lead up to your anniversary gives you ample chance to engage with creative content.  Creating a series of dedicated features about your business and its progression is a PR and social media opportunity not to be missed!

Run a special offer – a limited promotion can give you a competitive edge. For added impact, you could link your offer to your anniversary with discounts based on the number of years you’ve been established.

Get your staff involved – it’s important to make your employees feel valued and part of the success that they have worked towards. Your anniversary is the perfect opportunity to set new company-wide traditions and reward staff with a gift to motivate them for the year ahead.

Be creative – your corporate anniversary is your chance to shine so be sure to get optimal coverage of the event. This could be an opportunity to revamp your logo, branding or website.

Say thank you – by acknowledging those who have helped your business grow, you’ll strengthen relationships and keep your brand fresh in people’s minds.

Get involved in your local community – why not give something back by sponsoring a local event or supporting a community venture?  You can gain great PR exposure for your brand whilst raising awareness or funds for a good cause.

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